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About The Pistol Pad

In your home or business, immediate access is vital in the effective deployment of a personal defense weapon. At the same time, restricting access to the weapon by unauthorized individuals is equally critical to firearm safety.


The Pistol Pad was specifically developed to meet both of these conflicting requirements.


The Pistol Pad serves as a platform interfacing your personal defense handgun with your electronic alarm system via hardwire or a wireless transmitter/receiver compatible with your alarm system. The Pistol Pad will interface with any intrusion (burglar) alarm system by any manufacturer and installed by any alarm professional or Do-It-Yourselfer. All alarm initiation devices in The Pistol Pad are UL listed for their purpose.


Through alarm system programming The Pistol Pad functions can be customized to your specific requirements. A general description of its use follows:


With The Pistol Pad, by simply picking up your weapon you:


1) Arm yourself

2) Activate the alarm system into full alarm (whether the alarm system is armed or not).

3) Notify Law Enforcement that a critical (panic) situation is in progress and A Gun Has Been Deployed providing information critical in how they respond and approach your location. (Alarm system monitoring with your alarm professional is required to enable this capability)


Any attempt to lift the weapon, lift The Pistol Pad, or cut the alarm initiation cable will initiate the full alarm and response sequence unless you:


1) Disarm The Pistol Pad using its high security shunt lock or,

2) Enter a special code in your alarm system prior to manipulating the weapon or device.



If you are deploying the weapon in self defense, the alarm helps you by distracting and disorienting the perpetrator. If the alarm stops the situation without your having to use or face lethal force, so much the better.


If a burglar or someone you allowed in your home or business attempts to tamper with or steal your weapon, the alarm will immediately expose the attempt.


In the USA, the vast majority of all weapons used in violent crime (except domestic violence) are stolen from honest people by burglars and thieves you allow in your home or business. Often, the weapon is stolen weeks or months before the owner discovers it missing.


Do you keep a personal defense weapon "hidden" in a drawer, on a high shelf, etc.?


When is the last time you saw it?


Without The Pistol Pad you think your weapon is where it is supposed to be.


With The Pistol Pad you know your weapon is where it is supposed to be.


The Pistol Pad will accommodate virtually any personal defense handgun and still fit easily in a night stand drawer.

About The Pistol Pad Storage System

The Pistol Pad Storage System offers all of the benefits and features of The Pistol Pad (black colored platform) plus numerous variations of ways to store your self defense handgun.  It features a locakable gun box with a local alarm siren (we call "pre-alarm alert") and comes with the original Pistol Pad that can be locked or unlocked, anchored to a desk or shelf or not, used as a gun "hide" or not, local siren on or off, local siren detached or not, etc.

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