The Pistol Pad Storage System

(2 min. 56 sec.)


This video demonstrates how The Pistol Pad and The Pistol Pad Storage System is operated and the various ways you can store your self defense handgun.

The Pistol Pad - Demo

(5 min. 13 sec.)


This video is one of the earliest videos we created with just The Pistol Pad and Nationally Recognized 2nd Ammendment Right Activist Suzanna Gratia Hupp's viewpoint on The Pistol Pad.

The Pistol Pad - Installation Instructions

(4 min. 44 sec.)


This video is one of the earliest videos we created demonstrating how easy it is to install any wireless transmitter to The Pistol Pad.  Any wireless transmitter in the Alarm Industry with an external loop capability can interface to The Pistol Pad and the Pistol Pad Storage System.

Introducing The Muzzle Switch

(1 min. 6 sec.)


This video demonstrates The Pistol Pad's Muzzle Switch -Patent Pending (COMING SOON) which is designed much like The Pistol Pad to interface shotguns and rifles (.22 cal - 12 gauge) to any electronic alarm system.


The Pistol Pad Storage System

User Guide Trifold - Inside

Dealer's Flyer

User Guide Trifold - Outside


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